The Advantages of Stainless Steel over Powder Coating in Clinical Spaces.

Stainless Steel is the superior choice when it comes to Clinical Furniture. By choosing our products, you can be assured that each product is made to the highest quality, durable and hygienic. Each of our products is made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel to assure that our customers recieve a long-lasting item suitable to any clinical or medical facility. 

Why you should choose our Stainless Steel over Powder Coating

  • Hygienic to keep your patients, clients and staff safer
  • Low bacterial retention
  • Long product lifetime
  • Aesthetic and modern appearance suitable to any environment
  • Anti-corrosive and rust proof
  • Water damage resistant
  • Non-magnetic (perfect for operating rooms and for holding other metal objects)
  • Diverse applications
  • Ability to withstand extreme temperatures
  • Stain-resistant

The Stainless Steel Advantage

Corrosion resistant

304 Grade Stainless Steel has an exceptionally high level of resistance against corrosion in a wide range of atmospheric environments. It is vital that any clinical furniture item is rust resistant as when rust comes into contact with bacteria it retains it and therefore, the item becomes an infection hazard. When preventing rust and corrosion on medical furniture, Stainless Steel is the ideal choice.


Stainless Steel is a superior material when looking for a durable and robust item. It has a high tollerance to dents and scratches as it is a sealed and protected surface. It is also built to keep its form when exposed to fire and water. In medical and clinical environments, it is vital that each furniture item offers usability and stability, which is why Signature Clinical Furniture offers only the best quality Stainless Steel. 


Stainless Steel is designed to be easy to clean and sterilise. Stainless Steel has no pores, meaning that bacteria and dirt is unable to get lodged into the surface of the metal. The material is also non-absorbent, assuring that no bacterial can contaminate the items. Due to it being resistant to nicks and scratches, which removes the risk of bacterial retention. 


Stainless Steel is suitable to any facility that requires a degree of flow or continuity, creating a clean and modern look. It is a highly versatile metal and due to the 304 grade compostition, it can be used in a variety of applications and product shapes. The natural metalic finish of the Stainless Steel assures that the colour of the item will suit any facility or environment. 

The Disadvantages of Powder Coating

Powder Coating may seem as a cheaper alternative to Stainless Steel, however there are some key differences especially in regards to hygiene that makes Stainless Steel are far more durable and safer choice for Clinical Furniture. 

Powder Coating creates a significant risk in infection control. Powder Coating has a porous surface meaning that dirt and bacteria can harbour on the products easier. When pressure is applied to the powder coating, damage can easily occur. Once the powder coating is penetrated, the underlying surfaces are susceptible to corrosion and rust. 

Due to the nature of Powder Coating, some commercial cleaning supplies can cause disintegration. If this happens, the powder coating is sensitive to fading, staining and is weaker overall. With the repeated use of commercial cleaners, the powder coated surface can crack and fade, creating an infection risk at any clinical facility.

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