Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is my email address being used?

  • Signature Clinical Furniture uses your email address in order to communicate with you any information that we find relevant. 

Stainless Steel

What are the benefits of Signature Clinical Furniture Stainless Steel?

  • Signature Clinical Furniture Stainless Steel is medical grade stainless steel is a hygenic option for any clinical environment. All our stainless steel products are handcrafted which creates high quality, durable and safe furniture. 


Can I return a product?

  • Signature Clinical Furniture has a stress-free 30 day returns policy. Products that are still in new condition can be returned in this period for a for a full refund.


How long is the standard delivery time?

  • A range of our products offer a 72 hour dispatch from ordering. Delivery times will vary based upon location. 
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