About Us

Providing easy access to high quality medical grade equipment - that's our Signature

At Signature Clinical Furniture, we stand behind our high quality, medical grade Stainless Steel products. We assure that every product is built to perform in any clinical environment such as medical centres, hospitals, veterinaries and salons. Our focus is on creating easy access to top performing products, allowing any person or business to have safe and reliable items that they can depend on. Our high quality Australian craftsmanship from our manufacturing team ensures each product is made to the highest standard.

Australian Manufacturing

Our highly-skilled manufacturing and assembly team individually handcrafts each item. All of our products are built to Australian Hospital Standards. Our fast and precise manufacturing standards create faster lead times with 72 hour dispatch on key product. You can rest assured knowing that each product will be delivered to you promptly and when you need it most.

Built for Australian Clinical Use

The reason Signature Clinical Furniture is different is its core focus on the end user. We vow to understand how people use and interact with each product, whether it be a person in their home or a medical professional in their workplace. We strive for perfection in everything that we do to uphold the highest standards in every clinic in Australia.

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